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Defining Success

By December 5, 2021January 30th, 2022No Comments
Defining Success

What determines success? Is it a top job at Google or an internship at Goldman Sachs?

Everyone’s “mountain” of success is different.⛰️

❌ No one’s path is completely linear.
Some people will find shortcuts and others might take the long route.

As you are climbing your mountain, don’t look at the next person to see how high they have climbed. Focus on your own goal or summit. 🥾

“Success” is subjective, not objective. One person might be content with climbing a “hill” vs other people will only aim to climb Mount Everest.

Ask yourself WHAT you are climbing for and WHY? Is it because your friends/colleagues are doing it and you think you need to follow along or is it because you are passionate and know this is the right mountain FOR YOU?

Understand what mountain you want to scale, find other “climbers” who have already reached the summit, and ask them for best practices so you can find shortcuts and avoid taking the long route.

For all students who simply care about working for a “big company name”, just know that after graduation you will start to prioritize yourself over pleasing others (full blog here).