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Envisioning Success By Changing Your Phone’s Lockscreen

By December 5, 2021January 30th, 2022No Comments
Envisioning Success By Changing Your Phone's Lockscreen

When I was going through job recruiting, I changed the lock screen on my phone to pictures of my dream companies. 

I did this when I had an upcoming final round interview.

As I was opening up my phone to go on social media, I reminded myself that recruiting is a competitive process, and I need to do anything and everything to be prepared.

You want to fill your mind with positive thoughts saying that you CAN work at these “top” companies and that you ARE good enough.

As a wise guest on The Final Round shared, “why should you be the one to self-reject yourself?” (Full episode here)

– Son Nguyen, Global Campus Recruiting Manager at LinkedIn
I have made it a habit to change the lock screen on my phone to something worth looking forward to:
- In high school, it was a packed basketball stadium since I was on the Varsity Basketball Team
- During college application season it was a picture of USC, my dream school
- In 2021, it was a picture of race finish line since I was training to compete in an Olympic Triathlon (I completed it successfully btw)

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, work hard, and just wait and see what happens.

I mean, recruiting is a marathon, and it is time for job-seekers to start training like it.