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Isabel W.McKinsey

This will likely be the easiest recommendation I ever write. What AJ and the team at The Final Round have created are the much-needed resources in an increasingly competitive job market. Thanks to this platform, I was able to land a full-time consulting offer at McKinsey & Company. The Final Round exceeds all expectations in all categories!

Connor D.EY Parthenon & JPM

Coming into the recruitment season, I felt unprepared and hesitant as job interviews turned virtual. AJ and The Final Round helped me with mock interviews, resume adjustments, and case preparation which provided me with the skills and confidence needed to be successful! Thanks to their team, I was able to land an interview at JP Morgan then a full-time job at EY-Parthenon!

Anoushka M.Evercore

The Final Round helped me navigate the recruiting process as an international student, especially during COVID-19 when there were few companies hiring. I am very grateful for AJ and his team for helping me land a top internship at an investment bank and now a full-time job at Evercore! 10/10 recommend!

Anthony R.Amazon

AJ and The Final Round have changed my life. His team is a group of selfless and motivated individuals who aim to inspire you to go beyond your limits and land your dream job. The Final Round offers unconditional support for all those seeking career guidance. I truly couldn't recommend them enough!

Adriana G.Google

I first heard about The Final Round through their podcast which was a fantastic resource as I was interviewing for jobs. I now feel much more comfortable as I step into interviews, and recently landed a job at Google thanks to their advice and support! This has been the most valuable career content I have found… Thank you!!

Lance E.Boston Consulting Group

I have gained amazing insights and value from The Final Round that helped me land my internship at Boston Consulting Group! Their podcast is filled with recruiting GOLD! AJ brings in great speakers and asks such genuine and thoughtful questions that really make you think! This platform is a MUST if you are recruiting for internships or jobs!