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Prioritize Pleasing Yourself Over Pleasing Others

By December 5, 2021January 30th, 2022No Comments
Prioritize Pleasing Yourself Over Pleasing Others

For all students who simply care about working for a “big company name”, just know that after graduation you will start to prioritize yourself over pleasing others.

The classroom environment is built for constant competition and trying to “one-up” your peers. But when you graduate, you are on your own.

You realize that a big company name is irrelevant because you will start to care more about the work you do, the team culture, and work-life balance.

Do What's Best For You - Coffee With Summer
(Source: CoffeeWithSummer)

Don’t work a finance job if you hate finances.

Don’t work a job that advertises 100-hour workweeks just for the money and the clout.

Don’t ignore startups for the sole reason that your peers have never heard of the company name.

Do what is best for yourself regardless of what your peers think about it.

Trust me, don’t be fooled by the big and shiny company names, as explained in this blog.