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Your LinkedIn “Haters” Will End Up Asking You For A Job

By December 5, 2021January 30th, 2022No Comments

Dear students and professionals, if you are afraid to post content on LinkedIn, just know that the same people who might make fun of you are the same people who will be asking you for a job in the future. 

Don’t let others stop you from opening up new doors and opportunities and investing in your future.

Did I mention that LinkedIn is investing in content creators? They are building up a team of “Creator Managers” and are literally paying their employees to support creators. Check out the full blog here.

Here is another piece of advice and motivation to get you to start posting content on LinkedIn.

Stuck on what to post? Check out this episode where I interview a Recruiter and LinkedIn Expert. We discuss how to build your personal brand, why to post on LinkedIn, when, how, and what to post!