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Networking on LinkedIn

By March 18, 2022March 21st, 2022No Comments

Why The LinkedIn Network Is Useful:

LinkedIn is full of people and opportunities that can help you succeed in your professional goals. But in order to take advantage of this amazing resource, you have to know the essentials to reaching out and developing those relationships.

The job space is fast developing and is increasingly focused on WHO you know in addition to WHAT you know. So do not underestimate the power of a network.

A strong and vast network can not only give you opportunities in the career space, but also provide you mentorship in navigating life. You never know where a 30-minute networking call can take you; they might even one day become one of your closest friends!

What Kinds of People You Can Connect With:

There is no such thing as a BAD person to reach out to. Besides, you never know what can happen. However, you should definitely consider how relevant they are to what you’re searching for. You can maximize the benefits by targeting a specific person.

It all depends on what you’re looking for when networking. Do you want to learn more about a field you’re interested in? Are you unsure about pursuing a specific path and want to hear from someone more experienced? 

How to Reach Out To Recruiters, Professionals, Or Anyone That Doesn’t Know You: 

One of the most common mistakes in sending networking messages is filling out a general template and sending it to many people at once. This is not effective at all. It shows that you put very minimal effort into understanding why you want to network with this person in the first place. It will not only reflect poorly on you, but it also decreases your chances of hearing back. So how do you send a message?

First, research the other person. Dig through their LinkedIn profile: about section, job experiences, as well as activity and posts. Discover what it is about their experiences that makes you want to speak with and learn from them.

After doing in-depth research, engage with their content on LinkedIn, so that when you send your message, your name may be familiar and increase your chances of hearing back. When you decide to send them a networking message, make it tailored to them. Below is a rough outline that you can follow to ask for a call. 


  1. Hi [name]! My name is [name], a [year] at [school] majoring in [major]. 
  2. Share something interesting you noticed about their profile. It can be their professional experience, something they posted, or any common ground you may have with them. It can even be a compliment on something they are doing or have done – remember, people LOVE compliments! 
  3. Express your interest and why you want to network with them. Make sure to clearly convey the purpose of why you’re reaching out.
  4. Ask your ask.

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