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What Not To Ask When Networking

By December 5, 2021January 30th, 2022No Comments
What Not To Ask When Networking

6 things NOT to say when reaching out and networking:

❌ “Can I ask you a question”?
Just ask the question in your message – saves everyone time!

❌“Hi sir/madam”.
This proves that it is a template – be tailored!

❌“Can you get me a job”?
I don’t even know you, your story, or what specific job!

❌ “Can you refer me”?
Who are you and for what role?

❌ “Can you help me”?
Help you with what!? Be specific!

❌ “Can you give me advice”?
Too generic – you need to be specific on your ask!

Ask yourself this: If you were reading the message you sent, would YOU give up time out of your busy schedule to help this person i.e. chat with them for 30 minutes?

If your answer is NO, then why would anyone else?

It takes more time to send a thoughtful, tailored, and detailed outreach message but pays dividends with your response rate.

Make sure that you are tailored, detailed, and to the point. I would even recommend throwing the person a compliment to increase your chances of them responding, as shared in this blog here.